• February 27, 2020
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A Message from Gemma Orchard- Parkside Academy

Prison Me! No Way!

Parkside Academy have been hosting PMNW for upwards of 10 years for a number of different activities. For the last 7 years PMNW have helped us to deliver our Inspire Day programme to our Y9 cohort. We have had a number of different sessions throughout this time and each time we do come back to our favourites and the ones that grip students and teachers alike from the beginning. The feedback after each event PMNW has held at Parkside Academy has been extremely positive with students and teachers commenting for weeks afterwards. Students are also able to link the sessions they have completed to various topics they are studying with the curriculum we offer e.g. Crime and Punishment in RE for Year 9 students.

PMNW make it incredibly easy to book, the communication is second to none and the vast majority of the team we know by their first names as we have used them so many times and each morning they arrive it is like welcoming family to the school. This makes the day relaxed and we know that any little hiccups should they arise, which is very rare, are settled quickly and 9/10 without any knowledge to the students and teachers taking part in these sessions. PMNW go above and beyond what we ask them to provide for our school and students and this does not go unrecognised. The whole team are professional from start to finish and this is why each year we book PMNW and I hope we can continue to book PMNW for many more years to come.

Mrs G. Orchard

Director of SMSC

Parkside Academy