• August 6, 2021
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A message from Neil

As an organisation we returned to delivering our Crime Days to schools in September. We had spent the time during lockdown upgrading and updating our workshops in readiness for our return. As a new development we offered virtual workshops including offering Choices from Askham Grange, which was well received by schools. Also, we had to factor in the various safeguards the schools asked of us in relation to COVID, we were raring to go.

Between September and Christmas, we did several Secondary schools which went very well, and the young people were very receptive and engaged well, the message we got from the youngsters was they were happy to be back at school and enjoyed our days greatly.

During this period, we also got involved with a Humberside Police project which enabled us to deliver Your Choice Days to several Primary Schools in Hull, mainly delivering to Years 5&6. Each one of these days was met with great enthusiasm by the youngsters who really kept us on our toes with their questions and observations. Unfortunately, post-Christmas we suffered another interruption to our school days, due to a further lockdown. So again, we spent our time ensuring our workshops were on point and relevant to the difficulties were encountering.

Thankfully post Easter restrictions were lifted and we were back on the road and delivering to schools throughout the country. This included schools far and wide from Cornwall to the North East and most areas in between. Our teams have been very active and enjoying been back in engaging with a great number of young people. We suffered a few cancellations due to Covid, but the vast majority of the days went ahead.

Our message was as always greatly received and the workshops we deliver tackled the issues that young people are faced with currently. We always take on board what the young people say and factor this into our workshops. Overall, as with most organizations it’s been a difficult year, but we’ve done our utmost to ensure we’ve been ready to go as and when and the team has responded magnificently to the challenges.