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The No Way Trust (more commonly referred to as Prison! Me! No-Way!) is a nationally registered charity. For over 25 years our charity has provided an ever evolving, diverse and unparalleled range of interactive; area specific; educational and innovative programmes for children and young people, with a commitment to helping the neediest, vulnerable, and underprivileged; inclusive of all.

Our vision is one where every young person leave’s school with the knowledge and confidence to take control, make positive choices that avoid becoming involved in crime, stay safe and realise their full potential. We also work to help young people develop peer respect and realise the many dangers that they can inadvertently be subjected to.

Our Mission – The No Way Trust provides real life learning experiences for children and young people between 8 and 18, to help reduce risky behaviour and prevent them becoming involved in crime. We want young people to think carefully about the decisions they make throughout their lives, stay safe, positively manage the temptations of modern society, and increasing risks posed through social media, develop into law-abiding citizens, and achieve their full potential. Collectively helping young people and their communities to reduce crime, reoffending and anti-social behaviour and contribute towards creating safer communities for all. 

With over 25 years’ expertise and tens of thousands of children and young people experiencing our work each year our services are well established, credible and in demand. We aim to guide and encourage the young to understand that no matter what challenges life may throw at you; everybody has something great to give; you just need to find what that is. We are not a one size fits all organisation and work tirelessly to provide an outstanding, impactive and long lasting memorable learning experience that helps the young to lead safer lives and understand that choices made now (Positive or Negative) could impact upon their future.