• December 8, 2020
  • ben
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Bude Primary School – December 2020

On 05/12/20 the team visited Bude Primary School in Hull, delivering to Year 5 and 6. The team for the day included Ben, Neil, Pat and Ryan who were joined by PC Ria Featherstone who had organized the day. The workshops delivered were Knife Crime, Social Media, Anti-social Behaviour and Prison Life. All of these had been diluted to be made suitable for primary school students. We were very impressed with the maturity and respect showcased by the students. The students had plenty to say and were very engaged in all of the workshops delivered. With the team today all being from Hull, it made us very proud to see one of our very own schools being so intelligent and attentive. All in all we were very pleased with how the day went and again was another success.