• February 27, 2020
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Josie Hill – YAG Member

Hi I?m Josie, I?m 22 years old and I started volunteering for Prison Me No Way a couple of years ago alongside studying my Level 3 Public Service Course in 2018. I now work in the YAG team (Youth Advisory Group) alongside Ben.

My first experience of a crime day was life changing, emotional and inspiring, that small few hours in the school day changed my whole view on life and opened my eyes to a lot of things, like how vulnerable our youth of today is to criminal behaviour and general peer pressures of life. Every single workshop had a different message and every person within the team were determined in getting their message across enthusiastically and very professionally, by using team activities, real life stories and group discussions involving the kids to address problems and make them known.

Currently within my role on the YAG team, I am learning to present workshops like CEOP (Child Exploitation Online Protection) and County Lines. By gaining the right knowledge and building my confidence up I have been shadowing Ben on crime days at various Hull schools, taking personal notes on statistics and facts, going over the Power Points and practicing my own presenting styles.

Another important job within my role on the YAG team is Student Feedback, after a workshop on a crime day it?s YAG team?s responsibility to hand out feedback sheets and engage with students so they can give their honest opinions on all workshops they participate in on crime days. This is the most important feedback to Prison Me No Way, as all our workshops are aimed and provided for our youth, so its necessary for us to have their honest opinions and take seriously any constructive criticism or improvements that they may have for us.

I cannot wait for the future within this amazing trust and to expand my role further within the YAG team, to keep building my confidence and knowledge up around presenting workshops on my own and to give our youth the best experience I possibly can around those workshops.