• July 27, 2021
  • ben
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New Team Members 2021


 I started work with Prison Me No Way in early April of 2021, building on previous youth work skills learnt at another Hull based charity and youth organization, The Warren. I have always been interested in working with young people, whether that be helping support those struggling with their mental health, or just building the general confidence of individuals to help them get to their full potential.

More recently, through my work at Prison Me No Way, I have learnt new knowledge focusing on how crime effects young people. This has taken the shape of workshops in Knife Crime, County Lines, Online Safety and Domestic Abuse. I was surprised by the severity of the issues covered and can see clearly why this work is needed! As a new starter, under the guide of the Youth Team Manager Ben, I have gained confidence in presenting in a school environment, having presented on each topic in various schools around the country.

My first experience of a Crime Day was at Selby. I was blown away by the size of the operation, with many staff all from different work backgrounds coming together to create a united experience for the pupils. The reaction was easy to see. A definite positive and uplifting response from all involved.

As my work at the Trust has continued my confidence and ability to present in front of a class has improved. I particularly enjoy lively classes with lots of contributions from pupils and teachers alike. I look forward to more Crime Days and opportunities to present!



 Like Sam I also joined Prison Me No Way in April 2021 as part of the youth advisory group. I have always wanted to work with children and young people and have a lot of experiences around child exploitation so took a lot of interest in the workshops presented and safeguarding children. 

 Since joining Prison Me No Way I have realised just how serious and relevant the topics we cover are, like county lines, online safety and anti-social behavior. I have also grown a lot more confident from presenting in different schools. When I first joined, I was very nervous about presenting in front of big groups as it is not something I had done before, but with support from the team I quickly built-up confidence and became a lot more comfortable presenting.

 I feel it really makes a difference as a lot of what we present to the children and young people they are not as aware of before, but they are very enthusiastic to learn about it. A lot of what we teach really brings to life how easy it is for the young people to fall into crime and the tactics people may use to groom young people into committing crimes.

 I can’t wait for the next school year to start presenting again and hopefully doing more engaging tasks as lockdown restrictions wind down.