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Your Choice Day – For Primary Schools aged 9-11

Earlier intervention is required more so than ever. The advent of social media has exposed our children to increased risk and temptations at a much younger age. Your Choice Day’s are age appropriate and focus on prevalent local issues relevant to the age group targeted and include fun activities (if you have fun and laugh you learn and absorb so much more). Days include sessions about why we have rules, laws and justice, the role of the courts, police and prisons and area relevant sessions covering for example drugs, county lines, hate crime, alcohol, young victims, domestic violence, mental health, exploitation, bullying, staying safe on and off line and in the home and street life.

The aim is to prepare children for challenges of the modern day in an interactive way that can be absorbed without fear whilst also ensuring their well-being and safety is protected. These days also help children prepare for the step up towards secondary education with increased confidence and accurate knowledge better able to understand, react appropriately and protect themselves during the transition period.

Crime & Safety Awareness Day – Secondary Education

Crime and Safety Awareness Day are much sought after and provide a constantly evolving, unique and interactive educational experience for young people. Audiences are usually aged 11 to 15 in partnership with Academies / Schools and an involve a wide range of crime and safety agencies, professionals, and volunteers. Each day is individually tailored to local crime and safety issues, as determined by the venue, and offers sessions around: County Lines, Knife and Weapons Crime, Anti-Social Behaviour, Choices, Prison Environment, Meeting and speaking with current and ex-prisoners, gun and knife crime, drugs and links to crime and irresponsible behaviour, Extremism, Mental Health, Transitions, Domestic abuse, Harassment and Relationships, Child Sexual Exploitation Online and offline, consequences of social media misuse, grooming, a replica prison cell, a road traffic accident, arson and hoax calls, a youth court etc. Sessions provided on any day are agreed in advance with the venue.

These days help young people to develop the skill and knowledge to think about the decisions they make and the impact of those decisions upon themselves, their family, their friends and their community. Sessions also help young people to understand the consequences of poor choices, learn how to avoid crime, reduce risky behaviour, stay safe, make better choices and know where to turn for help.

Further, the days contribute to keeping the young safe and reduce the likelihood of them becoming victims of crime, exploited or groomed in any other forms. Communities will also benefit through reductions in instances of crime, anti-social and other questionable behaviour. The days also help inform some young peoples’ future career aspirations through the agencies engaged with. A key feature of these days is to encourage young people to understand that no matter what challenges life may throw at you everybody has something great within; you just need to find what that is.

Cell Van – Presentation / Exhibit

The life size replica and fully furnished prison cell realistically presents prisoners living conditions and cell contents and can be delivered to all age groups. It can be used either as a standalone exhibit or combined with a prison officer’s presentation, giving an overview of how crime and prison affects the offender. 

Up to 12 people can be in the cell at any one time, with larger audiences scheduled in. We have three vans available stationed around the country. The dimensions are 3m high x 2m wide x 6m long. Please note the Cell Van and presentation is subject to availability.