• November 15, 2019
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Roding Valley High School

The PMNW team visited Roding Valley High School this week.? The day was launched to 240 year 9 students and from the start they were fully engaged and showed enthusiasm for the day ahead. They maintained this enthusiasm throughout the whole day with students participating really well in every session and asking very challenging and mature questions in each and every workshop.? The students received workshops on Harassment and relationships,gangs, county lines, Prison Life, Street Scene and Choices. All these workshops had an impact and delivered positive messages to the year groups in the hope it raises awareness about people actions and the repercussions of individuals choices.

The youngsters were a credit to themselves and the school? and a good day was had by all who attended. The PMNW team left the school having had a very positive day and commenting on the hospitality we had been shown throughout.

We would also like to thank Marilyn from Roding Valley for having us come back this year and her excellent work organizing the day and her wonderful hospitality that made all the staff feel very welcomed.